How and Why to use a IBVPN Promo Code

How and Why to use a IBVPN Promo Code

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Based on ibVPN official website in the event you become its subscriber, it will provide you with the accessibility to mass media sources and the limited but so much cherished websites, and it will not matter where you are. This is similar with StrongVPN service (you can find latest StrongVPN coupons from Obviously this firm manages its standing consequently it offers all potential security tricks as a way to protect your information from any stealing efforts and inquisitive eyes. At exactly the same time this provider doesn’t maintain logs so there are no chances to track your virtual task.

Another question your attention is drawn by your at is compatibility. ibVPN displays an actual perseverance in this sphere. There is certainly an extensive range of apparatus which are compatible with this VPN supplier, specifically Mac OS, Windows and Linux etc. Why there is not any need to worry whether your gadget will manage to support this type of VPN that’s.

ibvpn features

Security & Privacy

The protocols offered by ibVPN contain SSTP, PPTP, L2TP and Open VPN. These have got automatic setup via All-In-One-Client (for Windows OS). While the less reliable is considered PPTP, the most secure of them is regarded to be Open VPN. If you desire to change the protocol it won’t cause any trouble. The changing itself is performed from within the desktop client.

The point is that not shared IPs are used by ibVPN, but dynamic. The last kind presupposes a connection to your real IP what causes it to be so simple to follow you, as we understand. Shared IPs is not worse as it’s practically impossible to find an user out. We do believe that its preferences must shift so that you can get results that are better.


Speaking of locations, their number and the ibVPN servers, we can tell you this supplier has a nice group of them all around the world. Additionally, this collection is somewhat numerous – about 110 servers. The number of locations (67) requires 41 states of different continents of the world.


The amount of devices and platforms, which are harmonious with ibVPN, is not unimpressive. The owners of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10) can freely use ibVPN services. There aren’t any worries for the users of Android, Linux, Mac OS and iOS, too. IbVPN works also well with DD WRT Routers, Roku Streaming player, Xbox Games Consoles, Playstation Games Consoles and Sabai Routers. Due to such high compatibility IB subscribers can freely select what device they want to use.

Pros & Cons

Unfading glory demands time and attempts. We see that ibVPN is zealous in improving its service and it does have fruit of its effort. If you decide to become ibVPN subscriber, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover a wide range of pricing strategies with loads of distinct functions, a high-grade security amount, fine compatibility alternatives and a professional support. Defiantly you won’t be disappointed with its locations server list, too. Nevertheless, we actually believe you are going to begin getting dynamic IPs instead of ones that are shared and hesitated when reading about Torrent VPN speed, 10 days of keeping your connection logs.